About Us

About JPW

JPW has been in the fabrication business since 1953. The founder, John P. Wozniczka Sr., started the business fabricating and installing the largest stone quarries in the northeast. Today all 3 generations of the family are involved in the day to day operation, with the 4th generation quickly approaching.

When you need outstanding quality fabrication done on time and in a cost-effective manner, JPW Structural Contracting is the company to call. We have it all from our AISC Certification, to a full service structural steel detailing department, to our state of the art CNC equipment in our 100,000 sq.ft. fabrication facility.  JPW holds an A.I.S.C. certification in Standard for Steel Building Structures (SSBS).

Who is the A.I.S.C.?

The American Institute of Steel Construction (A.I.S.C.) has set the standard by which the steel industry is measured for over 75 years. The quality certification program recognizes five different categories; Metal Building Systems (mb), Conventional Steel Building Structures (sbd), Simple Steel Bridges (sbr), Standard for Steel Building Structures (ssbs), and Major Steel Bridges (cbr).

What is an A.I.S.C Fabricator?

An (A.I.S.C.) fabricator is a fabricator certified in SSBS. This fabricator is certified for large public service and institutional buildings, heavy manufacturing plants, powerhouses, metal producing/rolling buildings, crane girders, bunkers and bins, stadiums, auditoriums, high-rise buildings, and petro/chemical processing. Companies certified for SSBS are automatically certified for Conventional Steel Building Structures.

These companies that are quality certified have been through a rigorous initial evaluation, and are subject to yearly reviews. Independent auditors confirm that companies have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to produce the required quality of work for a given category. Included under personnel is a certified welding inspector, which is a person that can not be involved with production and has the job of inspecting and documenting every piece of steel that leaves a shop. This person has must have the authority to override the production manager.

Why should I specify a certified company for my next project?

Benefits of a certified company:

  • Per New York State code this fabricator certification alleviates the owner from steel inspections that are required during fabrication. This in return saves the owner money. (excludes weld inspections)
  • Improves quality of partners in the building team
  • Enhances the chance for a positive working relationship on projects you are designing
  • Signals other companies of your concern for high quality on your projects
  • Provides a tool to help you qualify those working on your project
  • Helps the steel industry encourage quality performance

For a listing of certified fabricators and other information regarding the A.I.S.C. please visit their website at www.aisc.org.