Engineering & Shop Drawings

Two New York State P.E.’s on Staff

JPW provides high quality and quick turnaround in house designs with our two NYS P.E.’s on staff. We utilize a diverse assortment of design aids to assist in the design with a wide range of disciplines. JPW specializes in the design of: steel connection, platforms and mezzanines, shoring, tooling, and ASME pressure vessels.

Software & Engineering

RAM Elements (Structure Design)

RAM Elements is a structural design software that nodes connected by beam elements. This powerful software helps us design any frame type structure to the latest AISC design codes.

RAM Connection (Connection Design)

RAM Connection is a steel connection design software that can quickly design a multititle of connections from simple shear connection to moments and bracing.

FEA – Tooling Design

FEA or Finite Element Analysis software, such as Idea Statica allows us to design 3D shapes in ways that cannot be analyzed by hand calculations. We typically use this in tooling design.

JPW designed the lifting fixture to the right for a critical lift involving a 80 foot diameter roof weighting 120,000 pounds. JPW utilized FEA analysis to better understand the stresses on this complex shape.

Here is that same fixture in use lifting the roof in place at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Syracuse, NY.


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