JPW Structural Contracting

JPW has been in the fabrication business since 1953. The founder, John P. Wozniczka Sr., started the business fabricating and installing the largest stone quarries in the northeast. Today all 3 generations of the family are involved in the day to day operation, with the 4th generation quickly approaching.

When you need outstanding quality fabrication done on time and in a cost-effective manner, JPW Structural Contracting is the company to call. We have it all from our AISC Certification, to a full service structural steel detailing dept, to our state of the art CNC equipment in our 100,000 sq.ft. fabrication facility. JPW holds an A.I.S.C. certification in Standard for Steel Building Structures (SSBS).

Structural Steel Detailing

JPW has a top notch structural steel detailing department located with in our 100,000 sq. ft. facility. JPW uses advance 3D modeling software “Tekla Structures” with an extensive library of steel shapes to produce shop drawings and erection plans. JPW can produce shop drawings for everything we fabricate including joist and deck drawings in half the amount of time compared to conventional detailing programs.

JPW employees five full-time detailers which use Tekla Structures to develop shop drawings generated from structural steel or architectural drawings produced by the customer. JPW takes this information and inputs it into our modeling software to create a 3 dimensional model drawn to scale. JPW then proceeds to designing connections with the use of “macros”within Tekla. These macro’s let JPW set each configuration specifically for each type of connection design, whether it be a single shear connection or a double sided bolted clip connection, using these macros in conjunction with the 3D capabilities enables JPW to eliminate and accurately manage bolting interferences or potential problems before they become erection problems on-site.

Every piece of material whether it be a beam, column, plate, or a piece of angle has a specific drawing created for fabrication. These are what we call shop drawings. Shop drawings at JPW consists of two types: assembly drawings and single part drawings. An assembly is a drawing that has all parts that are required to fabricate a column or beam in its entirety so that it will be considered a finished part. This drawing includes an extensive bill of materials on every drawing. A single part drawing is an individual drawing for each clip, plate, channel, etc. to make up an assembly drawing.

Tekla Structures is capable of downloading CNC files for each drawing directly to our CNC machines. This process eliminates each machine operator programming holes and cut lengths. This eliminates mistakes made in programming.

The last step of the shop drawing process is to create erection drawings. Erection drawings are drawings that are using to erect the building. These set of drawings consist of Anchor bolt plans, floor plans, roof plans, building elevations, and details. Erection drawings have all the necessary information required to erect each specific job.(ie. anchor bolt locations, specific beam and column placement, and specific welding or bolting information)

Above and beyond Tekla Structures JPW has a full line of software to help every project big or small reach the desired out come required by the customer. JPW’s software include: Bldg. Seismic Design by RAM Advance, AutoCAD, Pronest, Pedimat, just to name a few.

Steel Fabrication

JPW Structural Contracting is an A.I.S.C. Certified Fabrication Shop. JPW has been an A.I.S.C. shop since 1999. Each year JPW has a yearly audit from an A.I.S.C. representative too maintain their certification. JPW’s top notch 100,000 square foot fabrication facility houses an extensive line of CNC advanced machinery. There is no project too big or too small for JPW’s 50 full-time employees when it comes to fabrication.

JPW uses the latest technology to deliver the highest quality product faster than any other fabricator can, With a CNC computer controlled beam line, CNC punching table, angle masters, high definition plasma cutting tables, computer controlled saws, Pipe Bug-o machine, and our newest addition is our HAAS VF8 CNC Vertical Mill. JPW has the resources to drill, cut, and punch steel to within 1/32 of an inch. Our facility has large 10 ton overhead cranes to move material from start to finish through our plant.

JPW Fabrication Specialties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Multi-story bldgs. and commercial retail stores
  • Electrical substation steel- design/ build
  • Steel truss fabrication & plate girders
  • In house sand blasting and painting booths.
  • Ornamental handrails, aluminum, carbon, and stainless steel
  • Misc. steel design and fabrication, load testing (ie. stairs, ladders, lifting fixtures, spreader beams, pusher snow plows, buckets, blade fixtures)
  • Plate weldment fabrications/ in house bending & rolling capabilities
  • Press breaks up to 12’ long with 250 ton capacities

JPW Structural Contracting is the company to call for all your steel fabrication needs. Please feel free to contract us for pricing and or Budget figures on your next project.

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