Steel Fabrication

Our 100,000 sq.ft. facility houses separate fabrication, structural steel and machining bays, two paint bays, a separate stainless and aluminum fabrication bay as well as a separate blast bay. We have specialty equipment for almost any application, from forming to machining. View all of our shop equipment below and see what we can put to work for you today!

Peddinghaus BDL-1250 9D Miter Saw & Drill Line

One of the newest additions to our shop, with massive capability. Click here for more information.

Peddinghaus Layout Machine

Working in tandem with the Peddinghaus Miter Saw and Drill line, this CAD based layout machine saves time down the line performing the necessary prep work, labelling and any layout marks necessary to complete even the largest jobs quickly and efficiently.

OMAX 120X Waterjet Machining Center

From Glass to AR Plate, this machine has no trouble cutting everything in between cleanly and accurately. Take a look at the impressive capability it has to offer.

Ocean Liberator Coping Machine

This remote controlled torch makes coping beams, channel or tubing a breeze. Connected to the Peddinghaus Miter Saw, Drill Line and Layout Machine, parts exit the setup through the Ocean Liberator and on to fabrication.

GDP+ Plasma Table

Still cutting out the pieces on this one… stop back later for more details.

BC 900 Cambering Machine

The BC 900 Cambering Machine can fulfill any cambering requirement from small commercial buildings to highway bridges, cambering beams at a fraction of the cost of mill or heat cambering. With 330 Tons of pressure it can cold camber up to a 36 x 210 A36 beam or a 36 x 150 Grade 50 beam. Bay-lynx cambering machines utilize two primary hydraulic cylinders spaced some distance apart. This distributes the bending over a certain length of the beam; thus, the strains from the direct pressure on the web and the bending are not concentrated at one spot as is the case when a single ram is used. This, along with special guides and supports, reduces the possibility of twisting and buckling.