JPW 2019 Fishing Tournament Details and Rules

Date and Time:

Sunday, June 23rd.

Fishing begins at 4a.m. and ends at 11a.m.

Weigh In:

“Weigh In” will be at 11:15a.m.

At the shoreline of 6128 Muskrat Bay Road. I use quotes on Weigh Inn because no fish need to be present to be counted towards your points for tournament placing. It is encouraged to bring fish back if you want to fillet and eat your catch or give to another angular (or just show off that Slob!). The following point system will be used to determine the winners.

Point System:

     As noted below, the following point system will be followed.

However, points for a species are only given if the legal length for that species is caught.

Ex. A 10” largemouth is worth zero points because it is not the 12” minimum legal length.

      The maximum allowable points per species will be based on the legal bag limit for that species.

Ex. Walleye on Oneida Lake have a 3 bag limit, that means that the maximum points for walleye can only total 45 points.

Walleye: 15 points

Bass: Over 16”, 8 points 12- 16”, 5 points

Pickerel/ Northern Pike: 3 points (N. Pike worth the same as Pickerel due to many anglers confusing the two species)

Pan fish (sunfish, bluegill, perch and rock bass): 1 point

These are the only species worth points. You must keep track of your total points throughout the day (don’t wait and try to guess what you caught at the weigh inn, this is an honesty policy. Also, getting a fish up close to the boat and having it get off and not getting your hand on it does not count as a catch!). Keep track of your longest Walleye and Bass as well.

This is an individual tournament, not team.


A 25.00 dollar entry fee per individual will be used to pay for a cook out after the tournament at the weigh in, and payout for the top 3 finishers and largest Bass/ and Walleye and Raffle drawing.

Winners names will be added to the Tournament Plaque.

Dock space and shoreline to pull up smaller boats will be possible at the weigh inn, we may have to double tie a few boats or use my neighbors dock. If you have a larger boat or are concerned, the Docks at Oneida shores are in visible site of my property so we can tie you up there and shuttle you back over to the weigh inn.

Thanks and Tight Lines boys and girls!